Golf Nutz


As an avid golfer that loves to play the game I always wanted my own website where I can share fond moments from around the golf course. Golf is such a diverse game and there is always a story or something interesting to share with like minded people.  The video below is (a bit long) but also an example to show how humorous the game can be.

I started playing out in South Africa 23 years ago – living in a warm and sunny climate was always the first prize for me. Unfortunately, due to economic and other issues I had to return to the UK. This really had a profound affect on my game as my handicap dropped from a 6 to a 14 – something that led me to stop playing and take a break,

Swing Practice

I think all golfers should consider the odd break from the game – it brings new life and energy when starting back up and within a few weeks I had my first single digit handicap rounds. Getting some confidence I have slowly improved and used my simulator to help me keep my swing up during the winter. I won’t go into a lot of detail on this other than to mention that these days simulators can be picked up for an affordable price bringing with it the opportunity for unlimited practice. I used the Optishot 2 which is one of the cheapest out there but it certainly does everything you need!

Funny Golf

Over the years strange things have happened to me – I remember once teeing off down a narrow par 4 on the South Coast of KZN (South Africa). The side of the fairway was lined with trees and I hooked my tee shot straight over the line of trees – the golf ball was gone for good! As I stood there, partially annoyed, the ball came flying back (a very lucky bounce off a branch) and dropped right in front of the green! A quick chip and putt and what should have been a major disaster turned out the be a nice little birdie! I think every golfer has experiences like that and I hope to share many more.


So, for now this is a small intro but I hope some of you out there will join me in sending in your funny stories/videos (I will get a channel going soon) so that the wider community can also enjoy them.