Hole In One

I just had to share this as I feel I can attribute some of my recent golfing success to my simulator and the time I am able to devote to practice. Once again, if you want to really boost your golf skills then spending more time at practice is going to do the trick.

I normally find a few hours several times a week, aside from my normal couple of rounds, to sit and focus on my swing. Having the ability to reply shots can make all the difference and often highlight things you never knew existed. Decoding your swing is difficult at the best of times but if you can spot some simple errors then you can really shoot ahead and lower that handicap.

The other day I was playing at Kloof, my local golf course with my normal four ball when I managed to get the highly coveted – hole in one – on a short par 3. This happened on the back nine (the 14th hole to be exact) and not only did it help me to shoot my best score ever but I also managed to take the money of my partners!!